Listen in Soft, Furry Style with Animalz Headphones

animalz monkey

My kids are a bunny, a bear, and a monkey. That sums them up pretty well, actually. It’s also how they listen to music with their Animalz headphones.

We were sent 3 sets of Animalz for review, one for each of my kids. First, let me get this out of the way. These headphones … [Read more]

CHARM IT! Charm Bracelet Giveaway

charmit charms

The love of jewelry starts at a young age. I have to admit, though, I’m not big on gold or diamonds. However, I’ve always loved charm bracelets. They are such a personal, unique gift that tell a story and share the personality of the girl wearing it.

CHARM IT! is the original, detachable charm jewelry … [Read more]

Dream Big with Barbie at Toys “R” Us

barbie malibu house

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

Christmas came early. At least for Abby it did when the Barbie Malibu House playset and Barbie Pink Corvette Convertible Car & Doll Set arrived at our house. And her eyes lit up big. “Can we open the boxes now?”, she’d eagerly inquire. “No, … [Read more]

Winter Snow Scene Pine Cone Craft

pine cone winter scene

Every kid loves paint. Even if they’re not the most artistic kid in the world, there’s always some craft you can do with paint that they can be involved in. Like paint splattering. You don’t need a lot of talent to splatter paint, but it’s fun. And when it’s winter and you use white paint, … [Read more]

Seneca Apple & Pear Chips Variety Pack Giveaway

applechips case

Fall is made for apples. It’s also apparently for really cold temperatures this year, but it’s still for apples. Apple pies, apple tarts, a bushel of apples. And Apple Chips. If you’ve never had an apple chip, which I hadn’t until just recently, you’re missing out.

To celebrate 20 years of being an Apple Chip … [Read more]