Isabelle Grace Jewelry: A Gift for Mother’s Day


If you’re a mom and you think about Mother’s Day, which is soon coming up, what is it that you really truly want? I know for me, aside from sleep and maybe a few more notches of patience, I want something personal from my kids. A piece that I can keep close to my heart, that is uniquely a treasure of our family.… [Read more]

Picnic at the Park with Wet-Nap #showusyourmess #pmedia #ad

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This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Wet-Nap but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #showusyourmess

There’s a park with a playground and some swings, an open grass area to run, and benches to sit just a few blocks from our house.… [Read more]

2 Rules for a Successful Family Road Trip


We’re planning on a lot of family road trips this year. Both short distance and some quite a ways. In fact, we already had our first excursion last weekend which turned out to be a really great time. I’ve picked up a few tips, however, and I’m here to share the main set of rules to keep all merry while gathered in such close quarters.… [Read more]

MyChronicleBooks Personalized Children’s Book Giveaway

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Getting your special little someone a special gift can sometimes be difficult. There are only so many action figures one child can have, after all. I mean, action figures are good for an hour or so, but they’re usually thrown in the toy bin soon after, never to be seen from again.… [Read more]

Wordless Wednesday: New Salem

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This past weekend was about the most beautiful we’ve had so far this spring, so we took the opportunity for a short road trip to visit and walk around some Lincoln sites. Old log cabins from the 1800′s, saw mills, and learning about how things used to be. It was a great afternoon and the kids really enjoyed themselves.… [Read more]