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Shocking fact #62: I like carrots!

Not exactly newsworthy, I realize, unless you’re me because up until this I could have sworn I was allergic to vegetables. However, it holds baring for one simple reason. I’m on a diet. I have no grand notions of slipping into a bikini by the time summer rolls around. My hopes are not that high. I just want to feel kinda, sorta alright about myself again.

I have never been a big girl, high metabolism and luck I suppose. I now have 50 extra pounds on my frame that I don’t know what to do with. 50 extra pounds that have been there since my last pregnancy, not budging an inch. It would be one thing if the weight was spread out proportionately. However, I still look as if I’m 9 months pregnant at 9 months post partum. The only baby I could possibly give birth to right now is a giant tub of Moose Tracks ice cream. And oh, what a yummy baby that would be.

My plan of attack, so far, has been to eliminate chocolate and sweets. I’m almost ashamed to admit what a large segment of my food consumption dessert, in all it’s tasty glory, was. This is my 3rd week without, though, and I feel as if not much is changing. I don’t own a scale, so I’m not sure of the numbers, but pants still fit the same and the bun is still stuck in the oven. Next, better portion control. Liposuction would be so much easier.

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