An Introduction

I’ve been out of this weblogging thing since my daughter came along, some 9 months ago. There’s very little time with 3 kids running around. Or, in the case of Abby, crawling around. I don’t even know where to begin. Or how far I can get since my darn space bar keeps sticking.

My name is C. Obviously, that isn’t my full name, but it works for crazy-internet-stalker-diversion purposes. I’m a stay-home mom and most days I feel like I could rip every last strand of hair out of my head. I watch way too much Food Network and HGTV. J is my husband. We’ve been together for over 11 years now. He makes a living doing technical computer things that I don’t quite understand. My oldest child is Jedi (born: 11/10/03). He’s 5 years old and so much like me it’s scary. He’s cautious and worrisome and so melodramatic he could win an Oscar. Yet, he’s also a complete boy; playing army man and fighting with his brother. Which leads me to Buzz (born: 04/26/06). He’s 3 years old and such a rambunctious ball of energy, it’s hard to keep up with. Where Jedi is like me, Buzz is like his father. A stubborn daredevil, jumping off of whatever he can like Superman. Then, of course, there’s Abby (born: 07/24/08). My very vocal little girl. She’s pulling herself up on furniture now, cruising along, which means my anxiety level has reached never heard of before heights. The falls! The bumps! The super-sharp corners of our living room table!

So that’s us. We’ll see where this goes.

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