Inappropriate Language

Otherwise known as how my kid got banned from a Disney website.

Jedi likes to play games online. These range from juvenile to slightly more advanced. Nothing too extreme or grotesque, of course. I try to monitor his activity as much as possible, but it’s impossible to catch everything the other players say. He’s actually better with a computer than some people 5 times his age. Recently, I signed him up for ToonTown on, a children’s game where he can walk around as an inoffensive duck and talk to Mickey Mouse.

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from Disney stating that my son’s ToonTown account was suspended for 24 hours due to inappropriate language. According to their chat logs, my 5 year old boy has been dropping swear words like a sailor. Apparently, he has termed Mickey an ass on a number of occasions. The other word is a ‘p’ word. I’ll let you use your imagination as I can just envision the high caliber of reader I would attract from Google off that one.

I do not like this ‘p’ word. I’ve said this word maybe twice in my entire life. J does not say this word, either. In other words, HE DID NOT GET THIS FROM US.

Damn internet.

When I showed this email to J, he said, “That can’t be right. It has to be a misspell from some other word.” I’ve been racking my brain ever since trying to come up with a word even close that would be such an oops with a slip of the key. Which means I have thought more about this word in the past 24 hours than I have in 30 years of my life.

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