Fruit Loops, Indeed

Buzz likes to have a bowl of cereal in the morning. It’s the only breakfast item he’ll eat with any amount of gusto. Inevitably, I feed it to him or else a milky mess gets sloshed everywhere. Sometimes though, it takes more energy than I have that early on to stuff his maw full of Fruit Loops. He doesn’t care about my feelings, though, he just wants cereal.

That’s when it hit me, an idea so simple in it’s brilliance! Why didn’t I think of this before?

Dry cereal!


Which was fine for about 5 minutes. Until he began to play with the fortified O’s. First, dumping them out on the table. Then, on the floor. When Abby came along, grabbed a handful, and ran off as if they were fortified with gold dust instead of intoxicating sugar. Although to her, the two would be one and the same. She was squealing as I chased and then pried the rings of glee from her death grip. All the while, multi-color crumbs were sticking underfoot. It was way more hassle than a regular bowl of milk-drenched cereal would ever be.

Friggin’ genius.


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