Never Send a Man

My parents offered to watch the kids if I wanted to go with J to buy Abby’s birthday gifts. I should have taken them up on it, but I wasn’t expecting him to be quite so ridiculous at such a task. On a list of Things J Sucks At, this would be in the top 5; behind hanging up the bathroom towel and answering his cell phone. His exceeds or meets expectations list is about a million miles long, though, so I keep him around.

It’s not just Abby, actually. He was rather awful with Buzz’s 1st birthday, too.

The cell phone answering and the gift purchasing actually go hand in hand on this one. While at the store, J called and described what he was about to buy. I was too downright floored at the time to form the proper reaction. What I should have said was “BACK AWAY FROM THE BARBIE.” When I got myself together enough, I tried calling him back to no avail. I called again, no answer. By the time I got ahold of him, it was too late.

Princess Barbie is now crashing on my couch. I’m thinking I should charge her rent.

That, along with 3 Mr. Potato Head’s when we already have 6 tossed about somewhere, dismembered limbs hiding in every nook and cranny. I told him: age appropriate, lights and sounds. LIGHTS AND SOUNDS. Needless to say, I’m doing the birthday shopping next year.


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