The Life of a Train Conductor

I made a comment the other day about how I miss when weekends were actually for relaxing. When I had to do little more than lounge about in my pajamas for 2 days, watching television or surfing the internet. Maybe take a nap in the afternoon or an hour long bath.

To be young and lazy again.

You would think it’d be easier with an extra set of eyes and hands. Instead, I find myself attempting to catch up on so many tasks I can’t complete with a short-legged train following my every move.

Then, there’s the whole GET ME OUT OF THIS HOUSE, NOW aspect that builds up all week long. But before you can even inhale that first scent of fresh air, there’s the process of getting everyone ready and the mind-boggling hassle that entails. Before you’re even putting their socks on, you can’t help but wonder is it even worth it?

This weekend was as simple as they can be these days; Saturday consisted of bike riding and dinner out, yesterday was brunch and shopping.

Was it worth it?



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