On Being a Girl

Growing up, I was never the girliest of girls. Instead of playing with dolls, you could usually find me involved in a game of wiffle ball with my brother. I was an excellent tree climber and mud pie maker. I would trample through the forests around my parents’ house and not care if I came back dirty and gross. Most of my friends were neighborhood boys and we would ride our bikes across gravel roads for hours on end.

This is why I’ve always felt more conditioned to being the mother of boys.

When I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I would wonder (almost worry) if she would epitomize all things frilly and sparkly. Or if she would be just as happy stomping through mud puddles.

So far, Abby has become a pint-sized fashion diva; if she doesn’t care for the dress she’s currently wearing, she’ll try to take it off. She gravitates towards pink. She likes to have her hair brushed. She lights up when someone calls her pretty. She has a fetish for shoes. She doesn’t like to be messy. She’s gentler, yet more demanding. She’s cute and she knows it.

She’s a definite girl. A frilly, sparkly little girl. Who hopefully won’t mind stomping through a few mud puddles as she grows older.


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    She’s gotta keep some of her femininity alive with all those boys in that house 😉 How fun to have a girly girl! I hope Z will be like that but I guess only time will tell. I was usually playing with boys and wearing shorts and t-shirts when I was a kid as well. I didn’t actually girly it up until AFTER High School.
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    Isn’t it amazing how early those fashion preferences make themselves known?! Avelyn is on a four dress rotation and refuses to wear anything but those select few, so I’ve got a dresser overflowing with adorable pants, shorts, tops, etc. that she won’t wear! Little turkey.
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    My daughter is a girly girl too- it’s amazing how they just come wired like that. But, not to worry, she can roll in mud with the best of them. She just wants to touch up her nail polish after. It’s a about balance. 😛


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