Sweeney 2.0 x 4

The only item on our agenda for this past weekend was to repopulate our goldfish aquarium. That was really all we had to do. Buy a fish.

Exciting! Blog! Material!

Except it was for Buzz, because pet stores are like crack for that kid. He’s truly enamored by animals of any kind, and there were plenty to go around. Turtles and lizards and rabbits and birds. He stuck his face too close for my comfort up to a rat and splashed his hand in dirty pond water. He watched, momentarily amazed, as every kind of fish swam past. Nemo fish! Dori fish! The boy couldn’t get enough. It was like the zoo, only miniaturized. And lined with bottles of water treatment chemicals.

He had the joy of this twice, since the first pet store’s goldfish were in quarantine. Which meant a simple outing turned into an almost 2 hour event. To that, all I can say is of course it did. However, a child’s happiness + 4 goldfish (that are still alive!) = priceless. Well, .87 plus the cost of gas, actually, but that’s about as close to priceless as you can get.

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