We Fought the Law, and the Law Laughed in Our Face

J was pulled over by the city’s finest the other day. Did you know it’s illegal to drive with expired tags on your car? Especially tags that have been expired for over 2 months? At a certain point, feigning idiocy no longer passes.

And so they towed our car and we had to pay $100 to retrieve it. Before that happened, however, they violated our leather upholstery with a strip search. Apparently, the police took J to be a drug runner or something.

Which is an easy mistake to make, sure. I mean, with the tie and pressed slacks he was currently wearing for work. That’s what all drug runners wear, right? No, seriously, I’m asking you because I HAVE NO IDEA.

So they have him pulled over, rifling through last weeks McDonald’s wrappers and drink cups. We end up with 3 tickets and they eventually tow our car because they’re greedy bastards who want every dime they can get. AWESOME.

But! In doing so, they found the lens cap to my camera that’s been missing since our trip to Michigan a month ago. Silver lining, people. Silver lining.


  1. Crystal says

    I drove around on expired plates one time. I honestly hadn’t had time to take off work and go get them updated (I had moved, I needed new plates for a new county) and they didn’t tow my car, just gave me a very stiff ticket. I don’t understand why they thought they should tow the car? That’s insane.


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