It’s fairly common knowledge around these parts that Buzz takes after J verbatim, while Jedi is an exact duplicate of myself. He’s cautious and worrisome and even more dramatic than I am. There’s one area where he deviates from the mold set before him, though. The boy is an outgoing people person.

I was a very shy child. For many of my school years, it wouldn’t be a stretch of the truth to say that I hardly said a word. It was all a matter of fear in my case. I was scared of doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing, so I just said and did nothing. I hid, cowered in a corner, invisible, afraid of making a fool out of myself.

Yes, I’m better now. I make a fool out of myself on a fairly regular basis and think nothing of it. Those first few minutes with a new face are still awkward, though, to say the least.

Jedi, however, can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything. He watches people, he studies them. Their mannerisms and features and the shirts they wear. If you so much as gaze past his direction, he will tell you all about the game he played earlier or what he just had for lunch.

He was in his element with a group of kids in a child-sized straw maze this past weekend. After awhile, we had to briefly walk away from the sea of fodder to choose our pumpkins. For the whole 3 minutes this took, he kept asking, “Can I go back to my friends now? I want to play with my friends!”.

Jedi picked his pumpkin, I had to run to chase Abby, and when I turned back around he was there, in the middle of the maze, jumping off of hay bales. No, “Bye, Mom!”. No, “Hey, Mom! Over here!”. Just a blue shirt in the distance, making friends, not afraid of anything in the moment. Maybe he’s not so much like me after all.


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