From the Planet of the North Pole

Barely the start of the Christmas season and the feel-good movies are already airing in full swing. Just this week alone we’ve watched Santa Buddies, Jingle All The Way, Elf, more elves, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, as well as The Santa Clause 1 and 2. I have Christmas spirit seeping from my pores.

The Santa Clause was especially perplexing for Jedi, who likes to have an explanation for life’s every quandary. As Tim Allen began to transform into the jolly bearded man in red, Jedi looked at me with wide eyes and asked “but why did he get to turn into Santa?”.

Since I didn’t want to ruin the holiday spirit by saying that the original Santa fell off his roof and died, I made up a quick tale about how he was always meant to be Santa, he just had to wait for the right time to show his true self.

“So he’s been disguised as a human?”, Jedi pondered, curiously.

“Santa’s always been human”, I replied, stifling a smile.

“And the elves?”, he wondered.

“They’re human, too”, I answered. “Just little.”

Maybe this is why he has screamed bloody murder whenever we’ve tried to sit him on a mall Santa’s lap in the past; he’s had it in his head that Father Christmas is some kind of alien. A rosy-cheeked alien who carries a big bag of toys, encouraged along by his pointy-eared, curly-toed helpers. I can understand how that might appear terrifying.


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