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None of the kids have ever been inside of a dark, you-need-to-whisper style movie theater. Honestly, we were scared. I’m always worried we’re going to come off as one of those parents. You know the kind, they usually receive multiple eye rolls. The drive-in, yes, but even that was a disaster the last few times we tried, which were before Abby was even born. A disaster for me, anyway, since I was the one who felt the brunt of Buzz’s wrath.

J took the day off work yesterday, though, and got it in his head that he wanted to take Jedi to see Avatar. In 3D.

“What do you think?”, J asked me. “Do you think he’ll be OK to go?”

“It’s, like, a 3 hour movie”, I replied.

We hyped it up to Jedi anyway, and he was excited while I was a bit fearful, envisioning the worst. His loud voice getting constantly hushed and a million ants in his pants and so many trips to the bathroom during every pivotal scene. They went anyway. To eat popcorn. And candy. And gulp large fountain drinks (which might not be wise, actually, if trying to avoid bathroom breaks).

They sat quietly through the entire 3 hours, though, and only had to visit the bathroom once. After returning home, I asked Jedi how the movie was. Still clutching his 3D glasses, he beamed, “It was neat!”. If I was allowed to have 6 Reese’s peanut butter cups, a tub of popcorn, and a blue slushie, I’d probably think it was neat, too.

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    christy says:

    Awesome! I loved that movie, and if I had eaten all that movie theater food I’d have loved it even more, for sure.


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    jesser says:

    Gah. Ain’t that true … I miss movie snacks. :P I can’t wait to see Avatar. We keep talking about having a dbl date with some friends, but it has yet to happen.

    We took T to her first movie just after she turned 2 … she LOVED it and has been to two others. She sits mouse-quiet and only peeps when she get scared and then crawls in our laps.


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    Nap Warden says:

    Fun…I’m the last person on the planet who has not seen this movie:(


  4. 4

    Nothing freaks my kid out more than a pair of 3D glasses, but maybe we just haven’t presented them with the right SNACKS.
    .-= Country-Fried Mama´s latest blog post: The girl who cried boo-boo =-.


  5. 5

    Heck yes – I’m going to the movies with you guys next time!!! OH wait…that stuff probably doesn’t stick to your son’s thighs the way it does to mine, eh? Love it.
    .-= Natalie at Mommy on Fire´s latest blog post: And Let Your Poor Heart Break A Little… =-.


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    Angella says:

    We took the kids for the first time last year and I was just as nervous as you were. They were FINE.

    What a neat time for Jedi and his Daddy, too. :)
    .-= Angella´s latest blog post: My So-Called Life =-.


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    Candy for 3 hours is neat to me too. Glad he enjoyed it!
    .-= DesignherMomma´s latest blog post: A Night out with the BlogHERS =-.


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    Krystyn says:

    We haven’t braved a theater, either. But, I’m sure with candy, popcorn and a slush, any kid would dig it.
    .-= Krystyn´s latest blog post: Moving on Up-PSF =-.


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    Queen says:

    “It was neat!” – How sweet. :)

    I braved the theater with my five and three year old’s a couple of weeks ago to see The Princess and the Frog. They were perfectly still and quiet – and only one potty trip.

    Toward the very end my daughter (the three year old) turned to me and said in a deep whisper, “Momma, they have a really BIG TV.”
    .-= Queen´s latest blog post: Mirror, Mirror =-.


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on January 24th, 2010

    @Queen, That’s how we got Jedi so excited “They have a REALLY BIG TV!”. Works on 3 year olds and 6 year olds alike.


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    Tina says:

    I think I everyone I know has watched this movie? Is it really that good? Anyway, took tot to see his first flick (The princess and the frog…ack! He’s 2, it was the best option maybe)Anyway, he loved the big tub o popcorn but he kept getting up to dance to the music. It was a good time.
    .-= Tina´s latest blog post: The secret code of working gals =-.


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