The Vision

A few weeks back, J and Jedi were having a discussion. Apparently, Jedi was doing something that he didn’t want anyone to know about it. It was very minor, in the vein of picking his nose, but the boy embarrasses easily. As parents, though, we have a customary set of eyes in the back of our heads. Along with the sides and bottoms and tops. You get the idea. Which means he got caught. Really, though, it was simply written all over his face. Kids’ facial expressions give it all away. His father pressed on, though, making him believe that he can “see everything”. Jedi was, and has remained, amazed at this fraudulent superpower.

Then yesterday, Jedi brought out an eye piece of a Mr. Potato Head toy. “Do you know where the body is for this?”

“I haven’t seen those in a long time”, I told him. Which is true, I haven’t. The kids have had no less than 10 potato heads bestowed upon them as gifts over the years and they’ve all gone into hiding.

“OK”, he sighed. “I’ll just ask Daddy when he comes home. He has the vision.”

“The vision?”, I asked.

“Yeah, he can see everything.”

Oh, right. He set himself up for that one, didn’t he?


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