Putting on Her Shiny Shoes

My parents gifted Abby clothes for her birthday. From the outside, this would seem like a boring present for a 2 year old. However, my daughter loves expanding her wardrobe, possibly more than toys. She received many new items to play with, too, but I do believe the clothes were the biggest hit.

Along with 2 new outfits, one of which containing a skort which confounded J, and socks, they bought her a pair of shoes. All of this I knew ahead of time, since they asked for the correct size. What I failed to anticipate was my mother’s conflicting sense of style.

I’m not a flashy person. I don’t like metallics or sparkles or animal prints or too much show. I like to dress my kids the same. Of course, my mother would have her own opinions. I wasn’t prepared for what we received instead.

They were gold canvas and so very shiny. Without exaggeration, the very first thing that came to mind was Ben Stiller as White Goodman in Dodgeball, “There’s no resisting when White Goodman puts on his shiny shoes”. I couldn’t help but laugh. A lot.

“If you don’t like them, I have the receipt”, my mother offered with a hint of offense when I couldn’t stop laughing.

“No, they’re fine. It just took me by surprise”, I finally managed to sputter.

Which is true. Once Abby had them on, they didn’t appear that brazen. Probably because I happen to find the girl so cute that she can pull off anything. But now I’m afraid I’m going to think of Ben Stiller every time she wears them.


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    LOL. That’s too funny. I can practically picture her in them. We have sparkly red cons at our house and honestly, I’d probably wear a pair myself at Christmas time. 😉 Sounds like she had a great b’day. :)


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    Great movie! My mother would also be one to get my kid flashy gold shoes, or sparkly metallic ones, or delicate pink ones. Just something that screams SHE’S A GIRL. You know, because there’s no way it’s obvious.


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    I think it’s hard when people buy clothes for your child. My parents always do great but then I think I acquired my tastes from them. However my mother-in-law despite my hinting ever so heavily more than once that I don’t like denim on little girls and that Mirabelle does not like it either, still buys her denim skirts, pinafores and other things all of which are not my taste. My sister-in-law has very hippie like tastes and her choice of outfits to buy is in line with those tastes. Thankfully my daughter never likes any of the clothes they buy so that is my excuse for her not wearing them as she flat out refuses to wear anything these days unless it meets with her approval :-)


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on July 26th, 2010

    @Aging Mommy, But I would think my own mother would know better. Oh well.

    I do have to say, we are big fans of denim around here. My daughter LOVES her jeans. And the new skort my parents got for her is dark denim as well.


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    I can totally relate to this. My mother is completely “blinged” out at all times (which she completely owns and admits), and I like to classify myself as “the void of color”, sticking to the blacks/greys and neutrals.
    designHer Momma’s latest post: SPAM Rest in peace- ugly girl


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on July 26th, 2010

    @designHer Momma, My mom admits it, too. She’s like a walking jewelry store. Maybe that’s why I’m so against it all. I’m rebelling!


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