The Roundup Gang

There once was a boy who had a few favorite toys who leaped straight from of a movie. They were part of a group, a Roundup Gang they were called. A space ranger, a sheriff, sometimes a cowgirl, too, and their trusty kid keeping them in tow. They were friends for years.

Then one day, a tragic event ensued. The space ranger lost his head.

We tried to affix it back together with super glue, even duct tape a time or two. His top just wouldn’t adhere. Still, every now and then, the parts are handed off for another attempt to please make him whole again. But it isn’t any use.

It goes to show no matter how loved, a boy can be rough with his toys.

Sooner or later it was bound to occur when another limb would fall. This time, the boy ran in with the sheriff’s boot in his hand. It’s hard to chase down bad guys with only one pad, so we tried in vain to attach him again. Super glue, duct tape, the usual tools. But it wasn’t any use.

The boy didn’t mind, he didn’t care. He might have whined momentarily, wishing them the way they were. But a friend is still a friend, after all.

A space ranger without a head, a sheriff without his foot, each dirty with age and fingers chewed. The same boy and his favorite toys. Still the familiar Roundup Gang. Just not nearly as new.


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    We have some favourite toys over here too. Although I admit that I’m kind of glad my son prefers trucks over figures. I think I feel much worse than he does when his little creatures are hurt. Trucks don’t have the same soul that little people/animals do.
    Marilyn’s latest post: I Wasn’t Going to Mention This…


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on August 3rd, 2010

    @Marilyn, I get a little upset, too. Especially the toys he’s had for awhile. Which is why we hold onto the ones that have missing pieces, instead of tossing them out. Well, that, and he’d have a fit.


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    HA! Totally reminded me of Toy Story (which I’m sure was your intention.) Well loved toys are the absolute best! We still have my husband’s doll “Roy” that he had as a young child. It was definitely played with.
    Amber’s latest post: On a Whim


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on August 3rd, 2010

    @Amber, I still have a big fluffy (filthy) stuffed dog. It was actually my brother’s when he was little, some 37 years ago. It’s now sitting on my son’s bed and I’m terrified they’re going to ruin it.


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