A Perfect Analogy

Since Jedi’s diagnosis this week, he has to have regular snacks between meals throughout the day. At first, I was at a loss for somewhat healthy treats to give. While he doesn’t have any restrictions on his diet, I still feel like I should do some research and stock up on more balanced items than cookies and ice cream. We all agreed on popcorn, though, and that has since become one of our staples.

For their late afternoon nosh attack, all the kids were given bowls of popcorn while watching a movie. When I walked in to check on them, Jedi was discussing and explaining their simple feast with Abby.

“I told her that popcorn is like macaroni n’ cheese, but you eat it with your hands. And there’s no cheese”, he said, as if he had been really thinking about this perfect analogy.

“Oh, macaroni n’ cheese is like popcorn?”, I asked, confused. Maybe I don’t think like him enough, because it just doesn’t seem the same to me.

“Yeah, but there aren’t any noodles, either”, he quipped.

So macaroni n’ cheese is apparently just like popcorn, but without the cheese and noodles and you have to eat it with a fork. Amused, I replied, “They really aren’t anything alike then, are they?”.

“Yeah”, he agreed between bites. “But they kinda are.”

And that is why I am so happy he’s home.


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    Hahaha oh man I love kids and their “logic”! What a great conversation.. I love all of your posts about your kids and what they say or the conversations they have. Totally makes me smile <3
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