Kindergarten is Hard

Kindergarten is hard, people.

Or so I’ve been told.

On Wednesdays, Jedi comes home with a folder in his backpack. This folder contains general school papers for the parents to read and a homework assignment that needs to be turned in. Of course he missed last week, but the week before he had to trace and write all of his letters. Simple, really. It’s easy for him, too, though he grumbles the entire time because he’d rather be doing something, anything, else. A hatred of homework begins young. The assignment this week consisted of coloring in a few yellow items, along with a separate large red apple to scribble in as well. He also had a library book to read, but that wasn’t a problem. At least he loves to read.

Coloring, however, is just not his forte.

“This homework is SO HARD!”, Jedi complained while coloring in a yellow duck.

I was afraid to tell him that in the not so distant future, there will be classes like calculus and biology and chemistry, most of which I still don’t understand. When those subjects come along and he’s bringing home intricate equations and talk of dissections or periodic tables, then he can complain about homework being hard. I’ll even agree with him.

Until then, just color in the yellow duck.

“Ugh, am I almost DONE?”, he asks, still whining. No, no you’re not. Not for another 12 years, at least.


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