For his birthday, Jedi received the game Battleship. We’ve played it online together quite a few times. I had asked for the electronic version since I thought that might be easier for him, but my parents got the original setup instead. The one with the familiar little gray boats that need aligned with pegs just so lest they fall out. Whoever designed the new vertical stand that comes with the game needs a lesson in practicality for kids.

Suffice to say, it took 30 minutes for Jedi to position 5 little boats on his board, and those boats continued to fall out of place the duration of our battle. Our friendly game almost ended in a disgruntled tear-filled tantrum on more than one occasion.

After awhile, though, as naval war marched on and we were already immersed in strategy and boat-bombing, he became accustomed to simply putting his playing piece back on the board once it fell off. And fall off a lot they did. As was the theme of the game. I just assumed he was putting them back in the same location.

After striking 2 hits on one of his boats, then finding nothing else nearby, I crinkled my brow in confusion. “Did I sink your little submarine?”

“No, those are misses now”, he informed. “That one fell off so I put it somewhere else.”

My son, THE CHEATER, then had the audacity to mock me. “I think you’re going to lose”, he teased. Really? You think? He plays innocent, but he knew what he was doing. On that note, I wonder how he’d react if I just happened to drop his shelf of video games then hide them somewhere else? All is fair in love and Battleship, and it’s on now, kid.


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    He’s a sneaky one. I’m impressed that he will play Battleship now. Was I playing it when I was 7? I don’t think so (although that was an awful long time ago).
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    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on November 18th, 2010

    @Marilyn (A Lot of Loves), I remember playing it at a young age. Though we had the old style, where the pieces actually stayed in place. Novel concept that.


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