Shared Diagnoses

We have had Grey Kitty as a member of our family for going on 14 years. He’s a senior citizen as far as felines are concerned and is more than willing to take advantage of his elder stature by sleeping his days away. Rarely does the cat move unless there’s food to consume or a break for his litter box or a kid has found his hiding spot. He’s a lazy lump of fur, is what I’m saying.

For the past few weeks, however, he had been slurping up water like his tongue was on fire. And his litter box would need changed a lot more than usual with it. At first, I just chalked it up to being extra thirsty.

Soon, the vomiting began. Horrendous and vile and continuous every time he dared to stand. Grey Kitty turned wobbly and weak and was withering into a skeleton. Finally, I realized my almost 14 year old poor excuse for a mouser was just getting worse without help. As it turns out, not only did my cat have a tumor that needed removed, but he has diabetes.

My cat. Has diabetes.

Did you know cats can get diabetes? I didn’t. I continue to be bewildered by the disease.

Jedi appeared consoled at the news, a way for him to feel like he’s not in this alone. Because no child at his age truly wants to be different. If he has to get poked and injected with insulin, I’m sure it helps to know others who are going through the same. Even those who are unexpected, like his cat. I can’t help but wonder, however, is there something in the water around here?


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    Your cat sounds like my older sister. My mom got kidney stones, my sister wound up with kidney stones. My younger sister was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, so my older sister came up with her own disorder.

    However, it seems your cat has gone 14 long years without trying to compete over illnesses, so he’s not too much like my sister.

    Poor kitty!


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