When You Lose Your Marbles

Yesterday, my daughter came to me pointing at her throat, clearly an issue. She had been carrying a small glass marble in her hand earlier that was now gone, so naturally I jumped to conclusions. Though Abby was eager to play along.

“Did you swallow the marble?”, I asked. She knows she isn’t supposed to put things in her mouth, but she does anyway to spite me. 3 year olds are fun that way.

“Yeah”, she whined, her face scrunching into concern. I studied her closely for a moment, and while her throat may have been bothering her, all else was fine. Still, strangely enough this was my first instance of a foreign object allegedly swallowed and I was unsure what my next step should be. Thus, I did what my instincts told me to do and turned to the internet.

Surely I can’t be the only parent of a kid who’s swallowed a marble, as I took my quandary to Google. Where it turns out there many, many, many other kids who have sucked down all sorts of things. The advice I found was to monitor my child, but I would have to strain through her stool, much like when you make jam, to ensure the marble passed safely. If it hasn’t within a few days, a doctor’s visit would be in order.

As if I’m not familiar with my kids’ bowels enough as it is.

A while later, I was still trying to pep talk myself into digging through my daughter’s fecal matter when I went to clean the boys’ room as a distraction. Under the pile of Star Wars figures dumped out that morning, there it was. Not in the pit of her stomach as she led me to believe, but in the depths of the toy-strewn floor.

The marble.

I’m just glad I don’t have to strain poo.

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    Certainly a relief! Maybe a sign that it will be a great weekend? Hope so.
    Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri’s latest post: The Swirl Of The Sky


  2. 2
    Sarah B says:

    What an adventure and a relief!!! Ahhh the joys of toddlers :)
    Sarah B’s latest post: Show Your Support


  3. 3
    trininista says:

    The joys of motherhood. Straining poo, huh? Lovely. Visiting from #commenthour
    trininista’s latest post: Project Runway: Taking Fierce to a New Level


  4. 4
    mom2kiddos says:

    Haha…glad to know you don’t have to strain poo. The first thing I do in such a situation is also to turn to Google.
    mom2kiddos’s latest post: Celebrating 100 – Tipsy Friends Feature


  5. 5
    Sheena says:

    Oh straining poo would have been fun. Okay baby, just pretend you’re on the toilet and poop in this plastic bag instead. *smoosh* *smoosh*

    Glad you found the missing marble unharmed, lol.

    Sheena’s latest post: Encouragement: Growing up is when I needed it the most.


  6. 6
    Lizzie says:

    Oh how I would’ve loved a post about the joys of straining poo – but alas!
    Lizzie’s latest post: The school years


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    Susan Silver says:

    I will be always and forever greatful to my mom and dad for knowing all my ins and outs ;) Glad things turned out fine! See you at #commenthour tomorrow!
    Susan Silver’s latest post: Tentblogger by John Saddington


  8. 8
    Heather says:

    Oh dear, the things kids do. Glad to see you found the marble finally. #commenthour
    Heather’s latest post: It’s a Pre-Menopausal Tuesday!


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