I am a Nosy Neighbor

It can be more entertaining than television. More suspenseful than the best cinematic drama. With the slightest peek between blinds, from the hidden shadows of a house.

I watch.

They argue, words escalating, until a door slams. I hope they’re alright. Another couple embrace on the front stoop when the wife returns home. How long had she been gone? An older mother and daughter make their daily trek down the street, on with their journey until the faintest dot is out of my line of sight. Where are they going? What are they getting? Kids bicycle past. Men working on their cars. The woman next door tends to her garden. Didn’t she just wear that shirt yesterday? Like I’m really one to judge.

I watch. I wonder.

I wonder about their day. When they wake up. The breakfast they have. The work they go to. Each step they take. Whether wherever it’s lead has guided them to a place of happy, and can I have the directions if so. I wonder about the state of their living room, and how much care they take. A scrub the baseboard type of clean or just comfortable. Does it matter? There is no cookie cutter here. We live so close, yet we’re all so distant.

Do they wonder about me, too? What do they see when I don’t think anyone is looking?

I am a nosy neighbor.

Are you?


  1. says

    I secretly wonder about the goings ons in every house. And then I wonder if they wonder about mine. And then I wonder if they can see in my house. And then I freak out in a paranoid frenzy a little….
    I kid you.
    It does puzzle me though how private everyone has become.
    Tina’s latest post: And in the center ring….


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on September 20th, 2011

    @Tina, Don’t kid! I wonder the same thing! What’s worse, though, is that I sometimes wonder if they can hear me, since I can get kind of loud just to hear myself above everyone else. And then I wonder how I sound and if anyone is thinking of calling protective services. There’s a whole paranoid circle going on. But there’s nothing that will quiet a person faster than thinking someone else could possibly be listening.


  2. says

    I’ll tell you.

    I wonder this.

    How, when I look at my neighbors, they can be so unkind to us.

    How can they think this is OK.

    I see the two perfect suburban women, and I see them talk only to each other. But, yet, when I wave, they quicky shut their garage doors.

    I’m not their style.

    I see them, and wonder, how is this OK with them?

    To see me everyday, and yet, dismiss me and my family?

    Because we’re different.

    I wonder, how, when I”ve invited them over, they say, “oh, not right now. Kinda busy.” But yet, I see them go for walks with each other.

    That’s what I look into their front yard and wonder.


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on September 21st, 2011

    @Alexandra, I’m sorry you live next to some shitheads. I wish you lived next door, because I would talk to you. You may have start the conversation first, a peril of being ridiculously shy and why I usually prefer to watch than participate, but I don’t care who you are or what. If you’re nice, I’m nice.


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    Oh i am a people watcher/wonderer too! i always wonder HOW people got to “this point in their day” because i think – if people only knew WHY my child was screaming/i was yelling/we were all laughing hysterically in the middle of the grocery store…
    so when i see things that catch my attention like this, I wonder. I make up stories in my head sometimes when i’m really bored.
    great question/thought you posed here!

    congrats on #commenthour!!!
    terra @ terratalking’s latest post: Give and Take.



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