Setting the Scene

The first day I took the boys to the bus stop in the morning, some weeks ago, there was another man there waiting with his son when along emerged a carful of kids just as the bus approached. Included in the car was a little girl who was clearly having a very bad start to her day. She stormed from the backseat and took off in the opposite direction from the bus, stomping, crying, and furiously throwing objects in her path.

It was a scene.

After she left, and the bus rolled on with our kids on board, the man who had been waiting with his son, a man who lives just a few doors down from us, turned to me. “Did you see that little girl? No way. Nuh-uh!”, he exclaimed. “If I ever acted like that, my mama would have whacked me upside the head.”

I nodded, “Tell me about it. I would never hit my kids, but they know better than to act like that.”

This, right there. Do you see that? That’s where I eat my words.

Yesterday, my daughter and I took a stroll around the neighborhood. As we neared home, however, it dawned on her where she was and it was not where she wanted to be. Abby didn’t want to go inside like I explained we needed to do. Her voice raised in sheer defiance, the rocks she had been saving in her hand were lobbed like angry baseballs. It was a scene. Right in front of that man’s house.

Um, well, my daughter will know better. Eventually. After she gets done being 3.

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    Tina says:

    Ah three…it’s all about survival, right? Until they turn 4. And then they just become smarter than you.
    Hope your weekend is restful!
    Tina’s latest post: Loud Mouth Girl Philosophy


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on September 16th, 2011

    @Tina, Sadly, I think my 3 year old may already be outsmarting me. That’s how she knows to make a scene and she’ll likely get her way.


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    Stacia says:

    Oh, the dreadful 3s. Waaaaay worse than the 2s. And words were meant to be eaten … Werent’t they?
    Stacia’s latest post: Haiku Friday


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on September 16th, 2011

    @Stacia, My words have been eaten so often I’m beginning to know the taste. Though they could use some more salt.


  3. 3

    Honey, this entire year, you get a free pass. All you have to say is, “She’s three.” Everyone will nod in sympathy.
    TheKitchenWitch’s latest post: Happy


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on September 18th, 2011

    @TheKitchenWitch, Maybe I should make her a permanent “I’m 3″ name tag.


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    4badmommies says:

    Boy, do I know how that feels. I learned a long time ago to NEVER say never LOL. If I do, I’m sure to pay.


  5. 5

    That kind of stuff happens to me all the time. I say something and a very few days later I have to eat my words! Crazy!
    Life with Kaishon’s latest post: love is all you need


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