You Get What You Ask For

Earlier this week the kids made their Christmas lists.

Well, Jedi wrote his. I penned what Abby told me. Which went like this:

1. Dolls
2. Princess toys
3. A duck
4. A doll that looked just like Abby
5. Drawing stuff

None of it very outlandish and most of it were suggestions from others. Aside from #3, which she came up with all on her own. A duck? I laughed, remarking then that I didn’t think Santa would bring her a duck, but I put it on the list anyway.

A short while later, it was time to get ready for bed. Which has turned into Buzz’s cue to stall for 20 minutes in the bathroom. As we were giving him his privacy outside the door, Abby began to whine. At first I couldn’t understand what the problem could be, since she was safely held in my arms. Her complaint soon began to register, however.

“Santa hasn’t brought me a duck yet”, she whined softly.

“He what? Listen…”, I continued letting out a light chuckle before trying to explain. “It’s not time for Santa yet. He doesn’t come around for another month. But remember, I already said he probably won’t bring you a duck when he does come.”

But I was mistaken. Because Buzz opened the bathroom door at that moment, taking to heart the true giving spirit of Santa Claus. “Here you go, Abby”, he offered, handing her a rubber duckie from the bath bucket. “Quack, quack.”


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