Sleeping Super

The Incredible Hulk. Spiderman. Iron Man. Captain America. Wolverine.

I have a 5 year old boy who wants to be a superhero.

He spends his days hulk smashing and climbing invisible spiderwebs in an effort to save the world. People in his pictures are colored green, blue, and red. In the bath, he’ll take his shampoo-lathered hair and stretch it into Wolverine-inspired side horns. Over the years, he has acquired a collection of super alter egos, each with it’s own distinctive look and plastic freeze-framed mask to match. He changes in and out with the speed of Superman. His imagination is nothing if not wild.

Even when it shouldn’t be.

“Put the Incredible Hulk on for bed”, Buzz insisted within moments of turning the sheets down for the night, his feet fighting for footing in the green and purple faux-muscled fabric disguise.

“No, we’re not wearing that to bed. You know you need to wear your pajamas”, I told him. Because even superheroes take off their mask for a good night of rest. My pleas were only met with encouragement, however, as his little sister helped fasten the closures in the back. The trusty sidekick.

Suffice to say, he wore the Incredible Hulk to bed. And the world slept a little safer.

But at least he took off the mask.


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    My son will read, play with Lego’s and be pretty calm, but once he’s with his boy cousin who is 1 year older, oh my gosh, they run and play with swords and are in constant superhero motion for hours. I am glad he is close by since I only have one son. Their energy together exhausts me. It’s great fun to watch though.
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    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on January 20th, 2012

    @Marie@feedingfive, It’s so nice when your kid has someone to play like that with. Because tackling them is always better than tackling you.


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