6 Games to Play When the Heat Goes Out

Our central heat stopped working Saturday afternoon. As such, we’ve spent the weekend trying not only to keep warm in the face of 12ºF nights until the part needed could be ordered and repaired today, but also sustain our good humor. Here are 6 games we made up specifically for the occasion to pass the time, if you should ever find yourself in the same unfortunate situation:

1. How Many Layers Can You Wear: A fun game that involves putting on every article of clothing you can find, until you either run out of pieces to wear or are so padded you can no longer move your arms to put more on.

2. Who Is the Coldest: Where you go around the house asking those playing how they are on a scale from cold to freezing. Whoever is the coldest wins an extra blanket.

3. Musical Space Heaters: Which room needs to be heated next and which space heater should we use and where, exactly, to be of most benefit? A particularly rousing game played at bedtime.

4. I Freeze, You Freeze, We All Freeze for Ice Cream: A game that is best played individually, where you gauge if the extra goose bumps would be worth it for a bowl of fudge brownie ice cream. The game is fixed, however, since it’s always worth it.

5. What Can I Bake Next: This can be particularly challenging for those who are not bakers, but the goal is to keep your oven running continuously to give off more heat. Though there are usually multiple winners, because who doesn’t love baked goods.

6. Cold Feet: How cold can you go? Walk along a long stretch of subzero degree hard flooring in bare feet first thing in the morning. Only the strongest make it there and back.


  1. says

    I would lose for sure. I am such a wimp when it comes to the cold. I sleep under 4 layers and if it drops below 60 I consider that to be freezing. If you live in CA your whole life, you’re pretty much a wimp.
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  2. says

    You poor thing! My husband would lose in that game – he’s always cold (he’s on blood thinners) and I hardly ever wear a coat in the winter – even today I left the house it was 16 and was “I’ll be fine!”

    Hope it gets fixed soon – and ice cream is always a good idea!
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  3. says

    Oh no! NONONONONONONO! How incredibly awful!

    I love that you made light of the situation, would I would have been an absolute basket case if we were without heat.


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on February 14th, 2012

    @liz, I started off as a basket case, but it fortunately wasn’t quite as bad as I feared.


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