One Balloon

If you happen to be in the vicinity of a shopping mall on one weekday afternoon when a bank has its grand opening, then there will be balloons available to celebrate the event. You will be given a single helium in green for your daughter who is the only child with you at the time, warning her to hold on to its string tightly lest it float away. As if that’s the worst that could happen.

If you happen to look away for a brief moment, your daughter will let go of that green balloon and you will turn around as it’s just out of reach. There you will watch as it floats up, up, and away. Your daughter will declare this as the saddest moment of her life thus far, which will cause you to turn back around for another solitary balloon. This one in red. Tied around her wrist so there will be no more floating away.

If you happen to make it home with your balloon still safe, your daughter will spend the time until her brothers return happily finding ways of incorporating it into play. She will kick it, she will carry it, she will bat it around. She will run throughout the house with her red blimp trailing behind. You will be amazed at how much fun a kid can have with a single balloon. You are proud of yourself for going back for another one.

Another one.

Because if your boys happen to walk in the door from school while your daughter is still playing with her balloon, you will begin to hear high pitched wails of injustice. Your kids refuse to share, and a single helium round is not enough. They will approach you pitifully and you will envy that first balloon that continues to float further away.

If you happen to be me, you will make sure you never come home with only one balloon again. Because that is the worst that could happen. Until the next time that you forget.


  1. says

    It’s funny that you wrote about a balloon. My daughter is currently playing with one that she got at Chick-fil-a. She just told me she’s going to cry when it won’t float anymore. Yay.
    Amber’s latest post: Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday!


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on February 8th, 2012

    @Amber, I hope it’s a magic balloon then that will float forever. Or at least until you can pop it without her noticing.


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