Boys Will Be Medium-Sized Boys

I am participating in Momalom’s Five for Five. Today’s topic is on Words.

“I’m gonna kill you!”, my 5 year old son states, charging after his older brother in play. He’s thrust in the role of the bad guy, on the hunt for the arch-nemesis hero. But I have to remind him, we don’t say that word.

“Say ‘get him’, Buzz. You’re going to get him. You know we don’t say that other word.” Boys will be boys, it’s what they do. Like cops and robbers. Good versus evil. While it means the same, I realize, just a simple substitution of words sounds so much better.

Jedi overhears my correction and stops mid-run, an argument rising. “I don’t have to say it like that, though. Because that’s the baby way of saying it.”

“Everyone says it like that. We don’t want to kill, or hurt, anyone. Even when we’re playing”, I explain again.

“No, that’s for babies”, my 8 year old son continues, puffing out his chicken chest in a stance of misplaced power. “And I’m a big boy.”

Unable to contain myself, I laugh. “You are a big boy, but you’re not that big. You’re getting bigger every day, though. For now, and always, you’re still my baby.”

“Fine, how about I’m a medium-sized boy?”

“Yes, you’re my medium-sized boy”, I agree. “But we still don’t say that word.”


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    I, too, have an 8-year-old. Though don’t dare to call him medium. :) His sister, the middle child, she is eternally medium. But then, I’m getting off track. I have recently been struggling with some vocabulary issues within our family, too. Especially those having to do with a certain bodily function. I mean, really, why do the kids find it necessary to make POOPING the main topic of conversation AT THE DINNER TABLE? There is nothing medium about that. :)
    Jen @ Momalom’s latest post: Words


    From: Cathy
    on April 24th, 2012

    @Jen @ Momalom, I just have to pipe in and wonder if that’s the norm because I cannot recall a time when it was NOT mentioned at least ONCE at my dinner table – boys x 3. Ugh!
    Cathy’s latest post: Five for Five: Words


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    Girls will be boys, too. I had to pull my girl off my boy today as she was mean-whispering “I’m gon’ kill you!” From what I understood, he hid her lip gloss. Life’s tricky over here.

    But your medium-sized boy is adorable. These are the days!
    Kelly’s latest post: QOTD: The NFL


    From: C. (Kid Things)
    on April 24th, 2012

    @Kelly, Oh yeah, I get that, too. Even at 3 years old, my daughter is already mighty protective over her lip gloss.


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