I am participating in Momalom’s Five for Five. Today’s topic is on Age. Which is perfect, considering today is my son’s birthday.

Dearest Buzz,

There is a tree stump in our backyard, taller than I wish it were. Not for any unsightly reasons, but because you enjoy climbing to it’s highest, sawed off standable surface. You perch on top like you’re watching over the world, with a grin that says you know you shouldn’t.

And then, you jump.

The fact that it takes my breath away every time only seems to make it better.

You would bound in lieu of a normal gait if I let you. Off our porch stairs, from the school bus, the back of the couch. A simple matter of trying to get from here to there is a lesson in flying. I constantly have to remind you to walk, to stop you in your tracks before you can take that leap into air.

You have always been my wonder. My daredevil. My superboy. My days are filled with nervous sentiments of be careful, get down from there, you’re going to get hurt. Yet, you have to find out for yourself, never one to take my word for it.

You have always been ready to jump.

And I still hope to always be there to catch you.

Happy 6th Birthday, my love. There is no better day to see just how far you can fly.


  1. says

    Happy birthday Buzz! Love the sentiments you captured here. We always wish for the best for our kids, that they could fly if they wanted, yet when they do, like you so beautifully wrote here, we wish we will always be there to catch them.

    A lovely tribute to your special little guy.


  2. says

    What a great birthday post. I was surprised by the birthday announcement at the end. Didn’t think that’s where you were going. But, it’s perfect. Of course! :)
    Jen @ Momalom’s latest post: Listening


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