Their pool is only 18 inches deep, mind you.

I made a deal with Jedi. I promised if he dunked his head completely under water, I would buy him a game he’d been wanting for his tablet. It was a deal too good to pass up, so he agreed. Except he was scared. He said he couldn’t go under without snorkeling gear. The full face mask and what you put in your mouth to breathe.

For 18 inches of water at its fullest.

But I obliged. The next time I was at the store, I bought an underwater kit. We spent time in the pool later that day, where he applied all his various equipment to submerge himself for his first time underwater. It’s like he was going on an expedition to the bottom of the big blue sea, all 18 inches deep.

It still took a lot of coaxing and assuring. No, Jedi, I won’t let you drown. And then, when I didn’t think it was going to happen, he surprised me.

He actually went underwater. For about 2 seconds. But it was enough to get his game.

Then Buzz wanted to try, too. I didn’t promise him anything, though.


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    My pool said I had to be within 10 feet of my kiddo (in the 2 foot water pool) unless he could swim 25 meters in the deep pool. What the what? I pumped him up with some old school LL Cool J and told his swim lesson teacher she could have a big fat tip if he passed that test! Done…
    Bravo to Jedi. Hope he is loving his new game!
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