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walgreens prescription refill reminder email #walgreensrx #shop #cbias

Parenthood brings with it many surprises. From the moment they enter our lives, surprise! Yet in every thought I had about raising a child, I never once envisioned having to manage medications. When Jedi was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in August of 2010, however, a new world opened before my eyes. Keeping track of his prescriptions with refill reminders became a necessity.

type 1 diabetes doctor visit

There are two main resources we use to keep Jedi’s diabetes on track. The first are regular doctor visits. He visits his endocrinologist every 3 months where we discuss his blood sugar habits and make any changes in his insulin doses that are needed. Next, and for everything in between, I turn to Walgreens.

walgreens prescription refills #walgreensrx #shop #cbias

Walgreens has been our pharmacy of choice since the beginning of his diagnosis, and even before I had any prescriptions to fill. I always knew I could turn to Walgreens pharmacists with any questions I may have about my health or over-the-counter medicine I might need, because my mom always did. And now, I love how I can ask those questions in the comfort of my home online with Walgreens Pharmacy Chat. In fact, everything I need to manage my son’s prescriptions can be done through the comfort and privacy of home. They also have an app for that.

walgreens prescription history #walgreensrx #shop #cbias

It’s so convenient to manage his prescriptions through Walgreens Refill Reminder Emails. And there are a lot to manage. Two different types of insulin, syringes, lancets, monitors, test strips, emergency kits, the list goes on. But when the reminder emails come through, all I need to do is reply and the prescription is automatically refilled. A quick trip through our Walgreens pharmacy drive-thru to pick up what we need and we’re on our way. It’s just another way that we refuse to let diabetes hold us back.

walgreens prescription drive-thru #walgreensrx #shop #cbias

walgreens prescription pick up #walgreensrx #shop #cbias

When Jedi was initially diagnosed, in fact he was still in the hospital, the doctor came in to talk to me about what was in store for us. I knew it was a serious disease, but the reality of the situation had yet to sink in with me. I do remember one thing, though, and I keep it with me to this day. He said, “If he wants a cupcake, let him have a cupcake. It’s ok to let him be a kid.”

walgreens so my kid can be a kid #walgreensrx #shop #cbias

And so I do everything I can to make sure that he can be a kid, just like every other kid his age. With minimum interruptions and good health. Walgreens helps me accomplish just that, all while hopefully keeping the surprises at a minimum.

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    I rely on that reminder service more than I ever thought I would. I absolutely love that it not only tells me once but if I don’t act on it within a day or so, it reminds me once again.
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell’s latest post: Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt – In Like Flynn!


  2. 2

    Each member of my family is on one maintenance medication. The refill reminders and notifications are a huge, huge plus… otherwise, I forget. Yikes!
    Dianna @ Oy Vey a Day’s latest post: Hershey’s + Valentine’s Day 4 Ever {Giveaway – Ends 02/05/14}


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    I love the advice your doctor gave you! I would have been reassured by this type of advice because I’ve always been one to err on the side of safety. #client
    Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom’s latest post: Win a Lifetime Storage Shed from #Giveaway


    From: Crystal
    on January 30th, 2014

    @Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom, It’s definitely been reassuring, and a piece of advice I’ve really taken to heart since his diagnosis.


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    If my husband’s meds weren’t handled through by the VA we’d use Walgreens in a heartbeat. I love their easy system. I keep sending reminders to my mom to signup for her diabetes meds but she’s a paper/pen kinda gal who hates modern technology.
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    Anne says:

    I love the easy reminders, I am getting more forgetful as I get older. It is so nice to have someone else keep track of refills for me.
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    Elaina says:

    That’s so helpful! I need to look into this
    Elaina’s latest post: Do Sleep Sound Machine’s Work? #SeriousSleep


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