Wordless Wednesday: Ray of Light

snoopy light

I don’t know how dogs do it. They find the one ray of light shining through a window in an otherwise dark room and that’s where they stay, basking and content in that small shimmer of sun. Isn’t that the epitome of an eternal optimist?

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    We do not have any pets right now but I must say after how gray this winter has been if I saw a nice ray of sunshine coming in a window I would likely curl up on it wherever it landed.
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  2. 23

    That’s so true! My mom’s cat does that too!


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    My sister’s dogs do the very same thing and they move with the sun as it goes across the sky. lol
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    Mine chase after any shimmer of light! I wish they would relax in it instead, lol.
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    Tammy says:

    I giggle a little bit, because my daughter used to do the same thing when she was little, I would often find her fast asleep in the sunbeam on the carpet!


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    Angela says:

    That’s such a cute picture. My dogs love their sunshine too.
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    LyndaS says:

    My dogs are like that. I cannot imagine life without a four-legged friend.
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