I am a Nosy Neighbor

It can be more entertaining than television. More suspenseful than the best cinematic drama. With the slightest peek between blinds, from the hidden shadows of a house.

I watch.

They argue, words escalating, until a door slams. I hope they’re alright. Another couple embrace on the front stoop when the wife returns home. How long … [Read more]

Like Pantyhose

My mother asked, some time ago, if there was anything my kids needed for school. Jedi could use some socks, I told her. And so one early morning before the boys left for the day, my mom stopped by a general convenience store and picked up a pack of socks.

Upon walking in, my mom … [Read more]

Setting the Scene

The first day I took the boys to the bus stop in the morning, some weeks ago, there was another man there waiting with his son when along emerged a carful of kids just as the bus approached. Included in the car was a little girl who was clearly having a very bad start to … [Read more]


Hello, my name is Crystal and I’m addicted to the internet.

There is no sense in denying it. Me and my computer are BFFs. It’s in me, my lifeblood. I have cried before at the loss of an internet connection. I have resorted to drastic measure to keep in touch. It’s hard to step away, … [Read more]

Slip ‘n Slide

With 3 kids in this house, you would think I would own a step stool.

I do not.

It is now at the top of my need-to-get list.

Abby is 3 years old and showing interest in using the bathroom like a big girl. I’m sure she would be completely trained in that area by … [Read more]