Colors of This Rainbow

Red: My current toenail polish. The kids’ tricycle that each has zoomed on, starting when Jedi was a toddler. A Connect 4 chip. Buzz’s Power Ranger toothbrush. A bloody lip one acquired from another. My heart, for them. Also my head exploding after a long day.

Yellow: 4 rubber ducks in their bath. The glorious … [Read more]

Finding a Shirt to Wear

I needed a shirt to wear.

As most mothers know, however, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Shirts have a timeline of stains telling the years down the front or have holes in the arm pit of all places. I’m not looking to win a style icon award, just to step into public without … [Read more]


With a drawing tablet and handful of markers, Abby disappeared into the bedroom. A while later, Jedi got off the computer and went to find his sister to play. He found her all right. Then came in and said in an alarmed tone, “Abby’s colored herself blue, I don’t want to play with her like … [Read more]

When Time is a Factor

Last week were the boys’ parent teacher conferences, where I also received their report cards. This mostly solidified what I already knew. Buzz is a great kid but has issues and we’re waiting on his evaluations to proceed to the next step that would be a better fit, and Jedi is incredibly smart. He’s on … [Read more]

Not Yet a Man

It was bedtime, and I was busy turning down Jedi’s covers as he finished his business in the bathroom. This included tucking in his stuffed teddy bear and lion on the pillow next to where he lays. When the door opened and he urged me in.

“Hey, Mommy, come in here”, Jedi ordered. “Lean in … [Read more]