Sleeping Super

The Incredible Hulk. Spiderman. Iron Man. Captain America. Wolverine.

I have a 5 year old boy who wants to be a superhero.

He spends his days hulk smashing and climbing invisible spiderwebs in an effort to save the world. People in his pictures are colored green, blue, and red. In the bath, he’ll take his … [Read more]

Throwing Flurries


Taking advantage of the wet powder sheeting the ground before it disappeared in the following day’s spring-like forecast, I promised my kids some time to play in the remaining snow. Within our advancing initial steps, we bent down to grab a handful and set our sights on any nearby target. The first shot in the … [Read more]

Maybe I Wasn’t Specific Enough

The alarm rings from my son’s iPhone first thing in the morning, before the sun is even awake to shine. I open one eye begrudgingly, enough to reach for it under my pillow and swipe it to snooze. The next 10 minutes I lie there, breathing in the quiet air and restful eyes for as … [Read more]

It’s Official, Kids Have It Easy

“Kids have it a lot easier than parents”, Jedi stated one recent afternoon. “Do you want me to tell you why?”

Of course I said I did, please list your reasons because I would love to hear this. His explanation was enlightening, though brief.

1. Kids don’t have to cook
2. We get to drink … [Read more]