The Stories We Tell Over Breakfast

Just like you’re not considered a true momblog until you’ve retold a good poop tale, the same can be said in real life. Once you become a mother, the list of suitable conversation topics gets skewed. As adamant as you are beforehand that it won’t happen, you will find yourself recounting every motion of your … [Read more]

Picking Bones

I took an arm, and Jedi chose a leg.

It was a duel.

Like a clumsy dance we moved, clanking our weapons courtesy of a plastic skeleton. I practiced my rookie poses that I obtained from a very limited view of fencing while my oldest son held a firm blocking stance. Even the dearly departed … [Read more]

Is This Considered a Trick or a Treat?

The kids have been staying with their dad over this four day extended weekend. While I was slightly disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see them in their Halloween costumes tonight, I quickly got over it when I realized I wouldn’t have to drag them around trick or treating.

Then this happened. When it was … [Read more]

Colors of This Rainbow

Red: My current toenail polish. The kids’ tricycle that each has zoomed on, starting when Jedi was a toddler. A Connect 4 chip. Buzz’s Power Ranger toothbrush. A bloody lip one acquired from another. My heart, for them. Also my head exploding after a long day.

Yellow: 4 rubber ducks in their bath. The glorious … [Read more]

Finding a Shirt to Wear

I needed a shirt to wear.

As most mothers know, however, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Shirts have a timeline of stains telling the years down the front or have holes in the arm pit of all places. I’m not looking to win a style icon award, just to step into public without … [Read more]