Send Wine

It was during dinner, which always seems to be a rambunctious time for my kids. I’ve retired the notion of ever achieving a relaxing family meal for now, we’ll work on that later, but I do prefer they sit somewhere and at the very least pick at their food. This time, however, Abby and Buzz … [Read more]

Excedrin® Migraine Relaxation Baskets! #giveaway #win

The first time I recall experiencing a migraine was in high school. That’s 15 years ago. It’s not a pleasant memory. I didn’t get them often back then, and when I did, finding a quiet place to rest for a few hours was usually enough to ease the pain. Eventually, however, they began to occur … [Read more]

You Get What You Ask For

Earlier this week the kids made their Christmas lists.

Well, Jedi wrote his. I penned what Abby told me. Which went like this:

1. Dolls
2. Princess toys
3. A duck
4. A doll that looked just like Abby
5. Drawing stuff

None of it very outlandish and most of it were suggestions from others. … [Read more]

Now with SpiderHulk

Growing up, we played a lot of board games. This was back before the days of iPads and internet, when the only computers I knew of were Commodore 64’s and regular old Nintendos were the must have video game console. And so we spent the majority of our time sitting around a table playing board … [Read more]

The Process to Play

As demonstrated by Jedi, but it’s surprisingly universal:

1. Start with confidence. “I’m going to play with those kids across the street”, Jedi initially stated with supreme brevity as he went in search of his shoes after watching from the window for a few moments. There were 5 or 6 neighbor kids in various activities, … [Read more]