Comforts of the Season

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Christmas is, by far, my favorite holiday. As a little girl who craved … [Read more]

Now 8

Dearest Jedi,

As I am writing this, you are proudly burping at the desk across from me. Every time, you ask delightedly, “Did you hear that?”. Every time I say, “Of course I did”. Because of course I did.

For your birthday today, along with a few other things, I bought you a book where … [Read more]

Divine Intervention

It was that precious time of night when all the kids are tucked safely under the warmth of covers. I was able to exhale my guard away as they slept peacefully against their pillows, like apple-cheeked cherubs. Including Buzz, even though he was taking over more than half of my bed after insisting that’s where … [Read more]

Going for Broke with the Tooth Fairy

A long time ago, when Jedi was a young man at 6 years of age, the tooth fairy flew her way into our humble abode for the first time. What she left on that initial landing was staggering, and quite frankly given with not much forethought.

Because you see, once a 5 dollar bill is … [Read more]

A Beeping Public Service Announcement


One eye shot open. The television in the room was still on, but everything past that was dark and hazy. I don’t remember when I fell asleep, but it couldn’t have been not too long before. Jimmy Fallon was the last I recalled and now it was on some late night poker tournament. Maybe … [Read more]