Welcome Home

When the cat’s away, the mouse will miss it. And then the cat will return to the mouse’s delight, only to have the cat scream and cry because she doesn’t want to be here.

Or something to that effect.

My children left with their dad for the weekend. Though it seemed like an eternity at … [Read more]

Boy Scouts of America

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boy Scouts of America for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When my brother was a child, he spent many years in the Boy Scouts of America organization and it’s different levels. Up until he entered high school, I remember tagging along with … [Read more]

Rules to Live By

Rule #1 in the little sister handbook: Thou shall blame her older brothers for everything.

Case in point:

Abby’s mouth had been colored all around in yellow. Like a clown in thick make-up. It spread past her lips and to her cheeks. A burst of sunshine in the middle of her face.

“Why are your … [Read more]

Before the Frost

This was the first year that I have ever grown anything from the ground up (aside from my kids). Since I’ve become awkwardly attached to these flowers, I wanted to document their existence before the cold weather strikes.

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I am a Nosy Neighbor

It can be more entertaining than television. More suspenseful than the best cinematic drama. With the slightest peek between blinds, from the hidden shadows of a house.

I watch.

They argue, words escalating, until a door slams. I hope they’re alright. Another couple embrace on the front stoop when the wife returns home. How long … [Read more]