Joys of Pregnancy

Pregnancy alters many aspects of a woman’s shape. Some, we’re prepared for. We’ve all heard stories of sagging and flabbing, so while we may fight against the odds, we also come to accept the possibility. The more confident amongst us even find strength and beauty in what their weight carried, wearing their 9 months of stretched skin with pride.… [Read more]

A Blog Post About Not Writing a Blog Post

It has taken me all day to write a blog post that usually takes 10 minutes.

I’ll let you in on a behind-the-scenes secret; My posts are not carefully considered, researched vessels. They’re our stories, usually in 300 words or less, and for the most part write themselves. I edit, of course, trying to spin our mundane into a tale enjoyable to read.… [Read more]


Take a good long look at this face.

I know. I ask if I can take a picture on his last day of school and this is the best he gives me. My point proven on this post.

But this boy. He may very well be the next Picasso.

At least he is to me, anyway.… [Read more]

What We’ve Learned

Today is Jedi’s last day of 1st grade. He’ll be there for 2 hours this morning to pick up a report card and say goodbyes, before coming home. For the entire summer. 3 long months.

In honor of the occasion, a list of what we’ve learned this year:… [Read more]

1st grade math is not a strong subject for either of us.

How I Imagine it Went

Buzz: “Hey Abby?”

Abby: “Yeah, brother?”

Buzz: “I have an idea. I know we’re supposed to be sleeping, but how about I start shouting random words here from bed and it’ll make not a dime of sense but that’s why it’ll be funny. Mommy will find it cute at first, listening to us laugh together, but after awhile she’ll come in and start turning that red color she does when we’re driving her crazy, because we aren’t going to sleep.… [Read more]