a toy’s story

Missing in Action

My son’s action figures have all lost their heads, and various other body parts.

It’s a sad bunch.… [Read more]

Zebra Buddy

After weeping over how grown up my oldest is getting earlier last week, Jedi later came home with a stuffed zebra he acquired at his school’s Valentine shop. With all smiles, he literally skipped his way to me.

“I got to go to the school store!”, he exclaimed, the animal’s paws dancing behind my son’s … [Read more]

The Top of the Toy Pile

It’s been a few weeks since Christmas now, and all the toys my kids received have lost their novelty. For this year, I made it a mission to gift items that held a purpose, rather than, say, a Captain America action figure that would just be thrown in a drawer to be forgotten. As always, … [Read more]

Gone Fishin’

Buzz is a hands in the dirt kind of boy. He’ll try to drag in anything from outside he can sneak past. Rocks, big sticks, small twigs, leaves, weeds, grass, mud, bugs, random scraps of trash found like treasure. He relishes in nature and it’s myriad of possibilities.

The other day, like many times before, … [Read more]

The Roundup Gang

There once was a boy who had a few favorite toys who leaped straight from of a movie. They were part of a group, a Roundup Gang they were called. A space ranger, a sheriff, sometimes a cowgirl, too, and their trusty kid keeping them in tow. They were friends for years.

Then one day, … [Read more]