Like Talking to Air

“Pillowcase?”, Abby requested.

“What do you want the pillowcase for?”, a fair question I thought.

“Um… on feet”, she said as she took apart the pillow herself.

“No, you’re not wearing the pillowcase. It could get dirty, and that’s what you sleep on.”, I explained.

“No?”, she questioned, clearly understanding what she wasn’t supposed to … [Read more]

Style Maven

One Way to Scare ‘Em Off

There was a knock on the door.

Or there must have been, but I couldn’t hear it. Someone was crying at the top of her lungs.

About what, I don’t know. But Abby was a furious rage-filled torpedo, bounding from one room to another lost in a tantrum. I tried seeking a solution. I asked … [Read more]

156 Card Pickup

What my 2.5 year old daughter, Abby, is currently into:

Playing Cards
Not for playing with, mind you. She carries 3 open decks of special Easter edition bunny cards with her everywhere. And they must be in a certain order, with a preferred rabbit sitting on top. It makes the 100 times a day that … [Read more]

Starting Points

My daughter was born with the most hair of any of my children. Which really isn’t saying a lot, considering. A ribbon could be strategically tied to her newborn locks, but only with the utmost care and nary a stray breath. Those fine baby strands soon fell out, however, and the hair that grew in … [Read more]