We Won This Round

I am participating in Momalom’s Five for Five. Today’s topic is on Change.

Change is hard for any little boy. It is especially difficult for a child with autism. Anything out of the ordinary. What he’s not used to. Every step out of character. It all has the potential to be terribly frightening.… [Read more]

Off Schedule

There’s a certain time that Buzz comes home every day from school. I could write it on the calendar, it’s been so accurate. It doesn’t take long, about 7 minutes, to get from there to here. We’ve both come to rely on this. I stand at the door and wait for him, like clockwork.… [Read more]

Hands Full

My hands are full. I suppose I could see how this simple statement that spectators like to offer might come across as offensive, but I never saw it as such. To me, it appeared as a way to notice that I was doing the best I could considering, but there’s just not enough of a single me to go around.… [Read more]

Hard Change

Dearest Buzz,

You start a new school today. Because no one wanted to listen to me.

It’s not my choice. I would have preferred you stay at the school you’ve known, with your brother by your side, at least until the end of this, your first, school year. Your progress there has been amazing, surpassing my expectations.… [Read more]

An Answer

I sat in a squeaky office chair as a small conference room of school faculty read aloud their reports. The room was otherwise silent and my expression absent as they detailed what they had observed from Buzz during their evaluations. Every few minutes I would glance up at the clock, willing for it to end.… [Read more]