Simple Skewer Stick Puppets

skewer stick puppet show

Buzz, my 8 year old son who also happens to have autism, never sits still except for 2 occasions. He will calm down if he’s playing on the tablet or if he’s drawing at the table. He can sit for hours and draw and make his pictures just right. The ability this boy possesses amazes … [Read more]

Wordless Wednesday: Exceptional Student

cec glass

These are not the best pictures. They’re blurry and the color is off, but they also hold so much excitement! It was a special day and ceremony for my Buzz (as he’s only known on the blog here).

Last week, Buzz was honored as an Exceptional Student. It’s an award given to special education students, … [Read more]

7 Years: A Birthday

buzz marvel

Buzz’s birthday is on Friday, which as of this writing on Tuesday morning is exactly 3 days away. He’s going to be a whopping 7 years old.

Wait, wasn’t he just a baby yesterday?

Yes, actually. According to my mom math, he was my little baby just yesterday. Now he’s my big monkey. With grander … [Read more]

Acorn – #WW


I never realized Buzz held such an extensive fascination with squirrels and acorns. He must have went to school talking about them, however, because he came home with one in his pocket that his teacher gifted him. Which was sweet, I thought. But then the next day, he came home with more. A pocketful. Every … [Read more]

School is in Session


Despite his smile and wave, Jedi was very much not looking forward to his first day back to school on Monday.

Buzz, on the other hand, took the occasion in stride. A bit of a surprise considering his first day of kindergarten last year, when he cried the entire day.

The thing with the first … [Read more]