7 Years: A Birthday

buzz marvel

Buzz’s birthday is on Friday, which as of this writing on Tuesday morning is exactly 3 days away. He’s going to be a whopping 7 years old.

Wait, wasn’t he just a baby yesterday?

Yes, actually. According to my mom math, he was my little baby just yesterday. Now he’s my big monkey.… [Read more]

Acorn – #WW


I never realized Buzz held such an extensive fascination with squirrels and acorns. He must have went to school talking about them, however, because he came home with one in his pocket that his teacher gifted him. Which was sweet, I thought. But then the next day, he came home with more.… [Read more]

School is in Session


Despite his smile and wave, Jedi was very much not looking forward to his first day back to school on Monday.

Buzz, on the other hand, took the occasion in stride. A bit of a surprise considering his first day of kindergarten last year, when he cried the entire day.

The thing with the first week of school,… [Read more]

Defying in Dirt


What can I say about Buzz and how he’s been? Let’s begin with dirt.

I tell Buzz not to play in the dirt, pleading almost. Not only does he do it anyway, but he looks straight at me in defiance as he does. Throwing it over his head, even, and covering himself just to prove a point.… [Read more]

Buzzing for Bees

Copyright Johnathon Kingston

Buzz has become oddly fascinated with bees.

Close to 90 degrees warrants a trip outside to our pool. That may be giving it more credit than it deserves since it’s kiddie-size, 18 inches deep at its fullest, barely off the ground. But it’s good for them. There’s enough room for floaties and to splash and kick.… [Read more]