Shining a Light

Flashlight from Getty Images

My 8 year old went to sleep with a flashlight.

He’s never been afraid of the dark. He has a nightlight, but he’s never one to think monsters were hiding under his bed. Except something has changed.

He still doesn’t fear monsters. That’s not what’s hiding in the shadows of his room. Instead, they’re miniature … [Read more]

Thank You, Drive Thru

Wednesday was my first ever foray into the pick-up line at Buzz’s school. Or any school, for that matter. I had been with my mom that day, so she happened to be along for the ride as well. It was obviously her first time in a pick-up line, too, and a learning experience for us … [Read more]

Boys Will Be Medium-Sized Boys

I am participating in Momalom’s Five for Five. Today’s topic is on Words.

“I’m gonna kill you!”, my 5 year old son states, charging after his older brother in play. He’s thrust in the role of the bad guy, on the hunt for the arch-nemesis hero. But I have to remind him, we don’t … [Read more]

Because He Told Me To

I’m writing this because I was told to.

“I thought of something”, Jedi said to me with a smile. “Do you want to hear it?”


“Do you know what those little pieces of fire are?”, he asked, touching his fingers together to illustrate how small he meant.

“You mean embers?”, I offered, unaware that … [Read more]

Zebra Buddy

After weeping over how grown up my oldest is getting earlier last week, Jedi later came home with a stuffed zebra he acquired at his school’s Valentine shop. With all smiles, he literally skipped his way to me.

“I got to go to the school store!”, he exclaimed, the animal’s paws dancing behind my son’s … [Read more]