Yes Joey No Joey No

We have spent a lot of time with my parents this week, Abby and I. While the boys were with their dad this past weekend, my daughter and I went out to lunch with her Grandma and Grandpa then went shopping with Grandma before traveling back to their house for dinner. Where Abby was immensely … [Read more]

Putting on Her Shiny Shoes

My parents gifted Abby clothes for her birthday. From the outside, this would seem like a boring present for a 2 year old. However, my daughter loves expanding her wardrobe, possibly more than toys. She received many new items to play with, too, but I do believe the clothes were the biggest hit.

Along with … [Read more]

It’s Not What You Wear, It’s How You Wear It

One day last week, my brother called to say he and my nephew would be over in a half hour to give me a belated birthday card. I contemplated changing out of my comfortable clothes for something more suited for company, then decided against. It’s only my brother, I came to reason. My daughter’s shirt, … [Read more]

Scamming the People

I’ve been known to make fun of my mom for her poor memory. If I tell her something today, I’ll most likely have to tell her again tomorrow. She’s going on 65 years old, though, she’s allowed a few gaps. There’s a lot of years there to remember. I’m barely over 30, what’s my excuse?… [Read more]

Boys and Their Guns

My parents were over the other day for awhile. Jedi happily ran around them, telling imaginative tales and wanting to share toys. He handed my dad one of his many plastic guns and they boom boom boomed for a few minutes from the comfort of our couch. The entire time I could practically hear my … [Read more]