Not for the Birds


It was such a gorgeous weekend, that we took advantage of it by playing outside as much as possible. Jedi didn’t want to come out at first, but he soon joined us in flip flops.

Which of course flew off as soon as he started swinging. First one…

… And then the other.

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School is in Session


Despite his smile and wave, Jedi was very much not looking forward to his first day back to school on Monday.

Buzz, on the other hand, took the occasion in stride. A bit of a surprise considering his first day of kindergarten last year, when he cried the entire day.

The thing with the first … [Read more]

Registered and Ready


Summer break is rolling to a halt. Days on end of sleeping in and then lounging in pajamas when they do get up are about to change. No more swimming pools and flip flops. It’s back to books and schedules. This was blaringly obvious yesterday, when I registered the boys for school.

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“Hey, Mom, come see what I can do!”

“Wow, that’s impressive. Do you want me to take a picture?”


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Shining a Light

Flashlight from Getty Images

My 8 year old went to sleep with a flashlight.

He’s never been afraid of the dark. He has a nightlight, but he’s never one to think monsters were hiding under his bed. Except something has changed.

He still doesn’t fear monsters. That’s not what’s hiding in the shadows of his room. Instead, they’re miniature … [Read more]