When High Fives Go Wrong

Yesterday, with a bit of time to waste, Abby and I visited a thrift store with my mom. I’ve always been fond of finding a good bargain. I get giddy, actually. As seen in my closet, where, as just one example, my favorite sweater is a treasure from Goodwill, bought for $3 a few years … [Read more]

The Beautiful Spring

I am participating in Momalom’s Five for Five. Today’s topic is on Listening. Also linked up with Six Word Fridays.

Ah, the serene sounds of spring.

Spring is not my favorite time of year. I’ve never been one to hide my adverse feelings towards it. I would gladly go through a million winters … [Read more]

A Flying Sucker

There is a fly in my house.

The weather is warm, it’s bound to happen. A strident circular buzzing past your ear, and a swatting of your arm with an urgency as it tickles at your skin. The presence of this fleeting nuisance wouldn’t appear to make a dent in my day, except my kids … [Read more]

Germ Spreader

My neighbor came over yesterday, a young woman in her early 20’s. I tend to keep to myself around here, but I’m not against being nice. With her, was her toddling 2 year old daughter, bundled in a hooded jacket as it was a little cool that early afternoon.

I gathered Abby and we headed … [Read more]

Breaking the Break

Hey, so. I’ve been absent for awhile, huh?

And it would be great if I had a grand story to tell when I came back, wouldn’t it?

Let’s see…


I’ve got nothing.

Except Abby thinks she’s a dinosaur. She was stomping back and forth through our front yard, my shy little girl. Roaring at … [Read more]