And Then She Was 3

Dearest Abby,

Yesterday, you turned 3 years old. You had been waiting for this day for an eternity it seemed, singing Happy Birthday to yourself for months. I hope it lived up to the hype.

You are now a big girl. Not a baby, not even a toddler. You’ve crossed the threshold into preschool age.… [Read more]

Rockin’ My Babies

Jedi, November 10 2003, after 29.5 hours of labor.

Buzz, April 26 2006, after 6 hours of labor.

Abby, July 24 2008, after 2 hours of labor.

Even though I sometimes miss them being this small, squinty-eyed and screaming, and can’t believe it wasn’t yesterday, I’m more fond of the little people they’re growing into.… [Read more]

Style Maven


Take a good long look at this face.

I know. I ask if I can take a picture on his last day of school and this is the best he gives me. My point proven on this post.

But this boy. He may very well be the next Picasso.

At least he is to … [Read more]

Preferential Treatment

The opportunity to get behind the lens and capture moments with photographs has grown fleeting these days. When Jedi was a younger youngster, I would carry my camera everywhere. I’d snap pictures of him doing everything and nothing. Some of my favorite photos are of him just goofing off. I was proud of the set … [Read more]