It Looks Like Christmas


We finally got a bit of winter around here. It really does look like Christmas. The only problem is that it came days into spring. I think Mother Nature is confused.

17 inches of snow. A record. My kids had their first snow day in 2 years on Monday. The good news is that it’s … [Read more]

Me and Her

me and her

This isn’t really the best picture of either of us, with her beautifully goofy smile and the crazy hair she inherited from me, but I still love it. Because she actually stood still long enough to let me take one of us together. Now if I could just get my boys to do that.… [Read more]

Down on the Farm


I had so much fun on the field trip with Jedi and his 2nd grade class 2 weeks ago that I thought I’d do it again with Buzz and kindergarten. We went to a farm this time. An actual in the middle of nowhere, down some small winding roads, out in the country farm. With … [Read more]

Silly Kids, Funny Glasses


In Photographs

I am participating in Momalom’s Five for Five. Today’s topic is on Pictures.

My mother has an album, big and heavy. Spanning years of decades. Polaroids and crinkled corners of film printed pictures from a long time ago of her and my dad before children, then of all of us after. As a little … [Read more]