TOP 10 fachai slot game at BMY888

TOP 10 fachai slot game at BMY888

FaChai Gaming is a leading Chinese game developer specializing in fish games and online slot machines. Additionally, they were the first to develop an online coin pusher. FaChai slot machine game is the most popular in Southeast Asia. Their most prominent characteristic is their high odds, with some exceeding X500000. This makes it a heavily debated subject among online casinos in the Philippines.

In Chinese, “Fa Chai” signifies that during festivals, individuals bless other people with the ability to amass a great deal of wealth and win prestigious rewards. The majority of Fa Chai’s games have a cheerful and vibrant ambiance, and most of their subjects are portrayed in a lovely cartoon manner. This oriental aesthetic and elaborate sound effects enable players to enjoy themselves and unwind.

Do you want to strike gold in an instant? Filipino gamers flock to FaChai Casino Games, a new paradise. There are many more FaChai slot games for players to explore!

1.  Night market – Fachai slot

Night Market - Fachai slot
Night Market – Fachai slot

Night Market is a 5-reel, 3-row online slot game with 243 winning possibilities. The setting of this game is a night market entryway with neon lights hanging from the arch and a busy bustle. The nicest thing about playing Night Market is that you may discover unusual dishes and drinks, as well as traditional games like Pinball Flipper and Goldfish Scoop.

Night Market Symbols

Basic Symbol

At the Taiwanese night market, we may get a bottle of bubble milk tea, fried chicken, four-colored poker suits, a Pinball Flipper, and a goldfish scoop, among other specialized meals and games. And the Pinball Flipper is the symbol with the greatest reward.

Scatter Symbol

The most potent Scatter Symbol in Night Market is the two enormous phrases “Yei Shi.” If you capture 3 or more Scatter Symbols on the 5 reels, you will be awarded 12 free spins.

Wild Symbol

There is no shortage of excellent cuisine at Taiwan’s night market. And in the Night Market slot, FaChai has picked the most emblematic meal, the big Shi-Ling sausage. In addition to the Scatter sign, the Wild Symbol may also substitute for and replace any other symbols. As a result, obtaining the Wild Symbol is a critical method to win.

2.  Three little pigs – Fachai slot

Three Little Pigs - Fachai slot
Three Little Pigs – Fachai slot

Fa Chai designed the aesthetically amusing slot Three Little Pigs. The game is presented in three dimensions with three small pigs. This slot game likewise has wooden frames, ladder-like reels, three small pigs, and a forest backdrop.

Three Little Pigs is a traditional slot with three rows, three reels, and five paylines. Symbols from the Three Little Pigs folk story will be seen. If you’ve ever heard the tale, you’ll undoubtedly like this game since you can quickly connect the winning line. Come to BMY888 and play Three Little Pigs!

Three Little Pigs Symbols

Three Little Pigs Symbols
Three Little Pigs Symbols

Basic Symbol

Except for the Wild Symbol, the fundamental symbols consist of eight symbols. Among the primary symbols are a hat-wearing pig, a thatched home, a wagon laden with hay, corn, a watering bucket, and the numbers 1, 2, and 3 BAR. The symbol with the highest payout is the pig in a hat.

Wild Symbol

Wild Symbol
Wild Symbol

Three tiny pigs serve as the Wild Symbol. It may also substitute for and replace all other symbols. With five paylines, players may win a reward.

3.  Panda dragon boat – Fachai slot

Panda Dragon Boat
Panda Dragon Boat – Fachai Slot

Panda Dragon Boat is a game inspired by Chinese folk tales and features two pandas. A dragon boat and two pandas may be seen in the top portion of the reels.

Panda Dragon Boat is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with 243 winning combinations. A colorful dragon boat and two pandas are enjoying the competition in the game’s backdrop. You’ll like this game and its atmosphere. There will still be a Wild Symbol to assist you in winning extra prizes, as well as several objects relating to the dragon boat competition on the reels.

Panda Dragon Boat Symbols

Basic Symbol

The reel’s frames are constructed of bamboo. Three pandas with flags, a drum, and a red card are among the fundamental symbols, as well as a green flag with a claw, a pair of paddles, a whistle, a water bottle, and a life buoy. The highest paying symbol among these fundamental symbols is a panda with a red flag.

Scatter Symbol

This game’s highest-paying symbol is a gorgeous dragon’s head, which serves as the scatter symbol. When the Scatter Symbol shows on reels 3, 4, and 5, the player will receive 15, 20, or 25 free spins. The top jackpots are multiplied by ten, and players cannot receive the free spins more than once.

Wild Symbol

A sparkling image with the word “Wild” on it represents the Wild Symbol. It may act as a replacement for any other icon, boosting your chances of winning and unlocking bonus spins.

4. Golden Panther

Golden Panther
Golden Panther – Fachai slot


Golden Panther may be your closest friend and bring you good fortune. When you enter FaChai’s picturesque town, you will hear the sound of liveliness and spinning. This is a fantastic treasure seeking location for the winner. It is a traditional slot featuring a panther as the primary character and a distinctive Chinese BGM. You will most likely earn the top prize in the jungle after building a line of panthers.

Golden Panther is a basic three-reel slot with four chances to win. Despite having just one payline, players cannot get enough of this game.

Golden Panther Symbols

Golden Panther has three symbols: red, green, and golden panthers. The highest paying symbol is the golden panther. Unfortunately, there are no special symbols with functions in this game.

5.  Chinese new year – Fachai slot

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year – Fachai Slot

Fa Chai has released a new online slot called Chinese New Year. This online FaChai slot contains 5 reels, 15 paylines, a Scatter Symbol, and 243 winning combinations. You might anticipate getting wonderful presents throughout the New Year. And the game will provide an incredible sense of delight to the Chinese New Year.

Moreover, Chinese New Year contains 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 ways to win. This game has 3D animation of a gorgeous red lion waving and dancing. If you registered on BMY888, the red lantern hanging on the top may give you a Chinese New Year impression. The lantern may offer the players luck, and they can all win the game’s highest rewards.

Chinese New Year Symbols

Basic Symbol

Among the prominent symbols of the Chinese New Year are the Koi Fish, a golden pineapple, three gold ingots, red envelopes, and four-colored poker suits. The golden pineapple is the most prestigious symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The game’s Scatter Symbol is a firework. A total of 13 free spins are granted when the Scatter Symbol appears on all five reels. Each free spin won will be doubled.

Wild Symbol

An adorable dragon mask serves as the Wild Symbol. Except for the Scatter sign, it may substitute for any other symbols and replace basic symbols as necessary.

6.  Fortune Koi

Fortune Koi
Fortune Koi – Fachai Slot

Two Koi Fish may be seen swimming around on the top of the reels in Fortune Koi, as though exploring an antique garden.

Fortune Koi has a number of Chinese antique symbols on its 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 paylines. Visually, it’s a delicate slot game with 3D animation. There are carved wood frames, purple reels, and a plethora of other intriguing elements. You will be drawn to these two Koi Fish, believe it or not.

Fortune Koi Symbols

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol consists of two Koi Fish holding a coin. Once you have this sign, you will be awarded in any position.

Among the primary symbols are a pair of lucky coins, poker suits in five distinct hues, a crimson decoration, a gold ingot, a lotus, and a Koi Fish with a coin in its mouth. The symbol with the greatest payout is the Koi Fish. You may enjoy playing multiple rounds and experience the fair game once you get it.

Wild Symbol

A fortune bowl seems to represent the Wild Symbol. It will occur on reels 2, 3, and 4, and it can swap for any symbols except from the scatter symbol.

7.  Da le men – Fachai slot

Da Le Men
Da Le Men – Fachai Slot

Music is the essence of any celebration, particularly when it is played in disco clubs. If you feel the same way, FaChai has given you the chance to attend Frog and DJ the Elephant’s fantastic live performance at Da Le Men.

Da Le Men features amazing 3D animation and the greatest prize ever offered. This slot has 3 rows, 5 reels, and 243 paylines. On the game screen, there is a pink frame and squares with red lines on the bottom half of the screen, and the elephant and the frog are singing in front of the spectators on the stage of a disco night on the top part of the screen.

Da Le Men Symbols

Basic Symbol

In Da Le Men, there are nine essential symbols: a frog singer, an elephant vocalist, a DJ audio mixer, earbuds, and four distinct colored poker suits. The elephant singer has the greatest reward, which is just slightly less than the Scatter Symbol.

Scatter Symbol

In Da Le Men, the Scatter Symbol is a golden microphone. If 3 or more Scatter Symbols show, up to 25 free spins are awarded. Scatter Symbols may provide bonuses everywhere they appear.

Wild Symbol

In Da Le Men, the Wild Symbol is a vintage microphone. It may be used to replace all other basic symbols and help you earn the winning combination. This symbol appears on reels 3, 4, and 5.

8.  Magic beans – Fachai slot

Magic Beans
Magic Beans – Fachai Slot

Magic Beans is a 5-reel, 3-row online slot with 243 winning possibilities. Slot machines have several winning strategies. By the way, the charming youngster Jack is holding the strong beans and the golden beans. Try starting an adventure with Jack right now!

Magic Beans Symbols

Basic Symbol

In Magic Beans, there are several fundamental symbols, and the highest paying symbol is a portrait of Jack. The game is so entertaining that it may bring back memories from your youth. BMY888 welcomes you to come and play!

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol is the highest paying magic bean. When three magic beans appear on the gaming screen, the free spins feature is enabled, giving you a better chance of winning the reward.

Wild Symbol

In Magic Beans, the Wild Symbol is a massive bag of money. This symbol will show up on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. It can also stand in for and replace all other emblems, excluding the Scatter sign.

9. Cowboys – Fachai slot

Cowboys – Fachai Slot

Cowboys is a 15-line slot machine with a playing screen that depicts the untamed flair of the American West. Cowboys slot games may be played for free online on the FaChai slot, with a profit of up to 300X! You can earn four additional free games if you get four combos.

The Cowboys FaChai slot game’s game backdrop is outside the entrance of an American western-style saloon, and the 15-line symbols are a beer keg, a cactus, a revolver, and cowboy boots.

10. Hot Pot Party – Fachai slot

Hot Pot Party
Hot Pot Party – Fachai Slot

Hot Pot Party FaChai slot game has three distinct levels. Food items, including clearing symbols, are scattered at random in 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 squares corresponding to these three tiers.

When identical components are paired vertically or horizontally in a row, points are awarded. Following the clearing of food ingredients, the resultant vacant tiles will be filled by items dropping from above. The gaming session continues until no more ingredients can be cleared. If a game result cannot be determined due to a failure, the game will be aborted and the current level progress will be lost.

FaChai slot gaming is a new online slot supplier, but Filipinos enjoy its large payouts and game elements, and it has gradually risen to the top of the discussion. BMY888 is a legal online casino in the Philippines with the largest variety of Fa Chai games. Join the membership today to fully enjoy these fantastic games.

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