Reiview Haidilao fish shooting Game

fishing game with bold culinary and eating colors. Hearing it, it feels new and extremely unique, right? Now shooting fish is not just about fish in the ocean anymore. But it has developed with many different forms and configurations, typically Haidilao fish shooting .

The most basic information about Haidilao fish shooting

Perhaps you know Haidilao as a spicy Sichuan hot pot, a famous hot pot restaurant or something related to eating. So that’s right, Haidilao fish shooting is a fish shooting game related to cuisine. This game world includes a lot of fresh seafood that is extremely eye-catching: shrimp, crab, squid… Surely you will be impressed from the first time you see it.

Introducing Haidilao fish shooting game at BMY888
Introducing Haidilao fish shooting game at BMY888

The new interface is completely different from traditional fish shooting and can completely conquer you at first sight. Beautiful, vivid interface, vibrant colors combined with simple gameplay. In addition, the attractive reward rate policy makes Haidilao fish shooting truly different from the market.

The top 1 bookmaker in the market today, BMY888, is the place that provides the best quality Haidilao fish shooting game. Attracts a large number of players with special interest. Let’s explore Haidilao fish shooting in more detail before participating in the game.

Instructions for playing Haidilao fish shooting

Basically, Haidilao fish shooting game is no different in gameplay from traditional fish shooting games. What you need to pay attention to is how to calculate points through the formula when playing this game as follows:

Bonus amount received = Bullet money x Points for hitting sea creatures

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In addition, you should pay attention to the separate score frames for each round:

  • Shooting Haidilao fish with a basic frame
  • Shooting Haidilao fish with an intermediate frame
  • Haidilao shoots fish with a high-end frame

In addition, you can also conquer this Sichuan hot pot fish shooting game with an attractive score of 50x to 150x.

The correct way to play Haidilao fish shooting is to aim at a fish (some creature) and click the mouse to let the bullets out of the barrel and shoot. An important note when playing is that the larger the ammunition, the more money you will spend. So if you only participate for entertainment purposes, you should aim for small shots.

At Haidilao online fish shooting game, there will be 2 modes for you to choose from:

  • Shoot fish automatically: Please click twice in an empty spot on the game screen. Your gun (weapon) will automatically fire without any further action from you.
  • Lock mode fish shooting is used to aim and shoot at a target. The mode will be more effective when you use it to take down big fish. You just need to perform the aiming operation and wait for the fish to die on its own.
Tips for playing Haidilao fish shooting game
Tips for playing Haidilao fish shooting game

Experiences when playing Haidilao fish shooting increase your winning rate

Overall assessment, this Sichuan hotpot fish shooting game is not too complicated or difficult. However, to win and hunt more fish (creatures), you need to learn more experience from the experts.

Shoot the fish as soon as it appears

For those who are new to Haidilao fish shooting, this method is definitely a must know. Fish that are weak as soon as they appear on the screen will usually die immediately. So what you need to do is observe carefully and shoot these fish to accumulate experience and money.

How to shoot bullets

First, you can use the fish shooting method to increase bullets at the right time to get coins faster. However, with this way of shooting, you have to be really steady and experienced to get the most accurate ammo.

Shooting bullets at the wall (ballistic shooting strategy) increases your chances of winning. However, this way of playing will cost you a significant amount of money. 

Stock up on ammo and play strategy

If you have a large and stable amount of capital, then accumulating bullets to shoot big fish is an effective method for you. Of course, the bigger the fish in Haidilao fish shooting, the bigger the reward. Experts will often use this method with large bullets like 7 bullets.

If the experience of playing fish shooting bullets is more expensive for you and not everyone can do it. Then try your hand at the mustache strategy in Hailidao online fish shooting. That means you will take advantage of small shooting angles to destroy small, low-reward targets. Try it out by continuously rotating the barrel of your gun around the table area. Next, a brother fish uses a shot, in a different direction. For slightly larger targets, using about 2 or 3 bullets is fine.

Haidilao fish shooting game is really for players who like novelty and have a little passion for food. This online fish shooting is really an attractive quality place to play, it would be a pity if you don’t play it. So please register an account at BMY888 to experience it.

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