What information you need to know about Bull bull before playing

Do you know what Bull Bull is ? Are you looking to learn to play this game? What is the important information that new players need to learn before starting to play? Your questions will be answered immediately in the article below.

Learn the basics about what is a Bull Bull?

Bull Bull or more commonly Cool Stew is a card game genre originating from China. This game’s core rule is to compare players’ scores with each other to find the final winner. It is quite similar to other money-making card games such as Baccarat, Sicbo… in using a deck of 52 cards.

Learn the basics about what is a Bull Bull?
Learn the basics about what is a Bull Bull?

According to many opinions of both players and experts, It is considered easy to play with simple rules and easy to win. So even if you are a newbie, you can still confidently play this cool game well and will learn in a short time.

After you have had your first gaming experience, you will see the difference between Bull Bull and other card games. That is how the house and players calculate points, contributing to greatly increasing the drama when playing.

The brothers who have participated in the game all commented that when they start playing the game Bull Bull, there will be many surprises waiting for the players. When playing Cool Tunnel, entertainment is an extremely important factor, but this is not what people care about the most. Because most players come to Bull Bull because of its attractive reward value.

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General guide to playing Bull Bull game for beginners

What is playing Bull Bull? and the sequence of a game of Cool Tunnel will take place according to the following steps:

  • A Bull Bull game begins when the player chooses the dealer. A very important thing is that when you play the role of house, you will have more advantages when playing house. So who is the dealer will need to be very clearly defined.
  • Basically the house in Bull Bull is decided by seeing who bets the highest. In case many people play with the same bet, the amount of money in 1 game of that person will be considered. If the time runs out and no one has been found, the system will choose randomly.
  • The formula to calculate the minimum bet amount if you want to be a Bull Bull bookmaker is the bet amount you bring in x3.
  • After choosing the house, the player will place a bet. The more money you bring in the game, the larger your bet will be. If the player does not bet within the allowed time, the system will also help you choose randomly.
  • The card division will begin when all players have finished betting, the number of cards dealt is 5 cards/person.
  • When the cards come into your hand, you need to arrange them properly. The requirement for arranging cards with Bull Bull is to split your cards into 2 hands (1 hand of 3 and 1 hand of 2 cards).
  • Finally, the player compares cards with the dealer.
General guide to playing Bull Bull game for beginners
General guide to playing Bull Bull game for beginners

Regarding the rules, what is the scoring method in Bull Bull?

For Bull Bull, the final winner is the one who knows how to deal the 2 cards most correctly. Remember that the 3 on the left has a total of 10 cards, while the 2 on the right has a total of 2 cards with the highest score.

Calculating Bull’s score is not difficult as it is based on the scores of the cards with:

  • Ace is counted as 1 point.
  • Number cards will have the same value as the number on the card.
  • The human-shaped cards J,Q,K are all counted as 10 points.

When the total points of the cards are equal, the participants will start stacking to determine the winner or loser. For Bull, the size of the suits from small to large are Diamonds, Diamonds, Hearts and the largest is Spades.

Instructions for playing Bull Bull at BMY888

Instructions for playing Bull Bull at BMY888
Instructions for playing Bull Bull at BMY888

Step 1: The first important thing when playing Bull Bull is to find a reputable playing address. Then proceed to access the house, perform registration operations, and log in to your account to play.

Step 2: There is a separate icon for Bull Bull on the homepage of the bookies so you just need to click on it. Next, choose 1 of 3 play halls: Great Hall, Oriental Hall and Perfect Hall. Note that in this step, it is important that you research to know which hall is best for you.

Step 3: You can now bet on a certain hand according to your own judgment and judgment. Then wait for the dealer to draw randomly to decide the order of the cards.

Step 4: Finally, compare the scores of the dealer and all players. The person with the highest score will win and get the money.


That’s all the information related to what Bull Bull is for new players. These are all reputable news sources, compiled by BMY888 from foreign sources, so you can completely trust them.

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